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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fwd: Practice run

A trip to the Winterberg mountains served as practice for Africa.

The Plan

The plan is to travel through Africa, on a motorcycle. In a car, you worry about the air con, the radio, the CD. On a motorcycle, you taste Africa - the dust and the occasional insects. Phtwat! (Spitting sound).

The motorcycle is a KTM 950 Adventure, the finest machine ever designed on this planet. Even the space shuttle is second to this machine. It is also a bright orange colour, so it will be impossible to lose it.

Most travel diaries and blogs give an interesting description of sights and experiences. I want to add to that by stopping and having a cup of tea with an African every day of my journey.

By asking similar questions all the way through Africa, it will be an interesting "social experiment" to see how the answers are similar or different. You can also be part of this adventure by suggesting questions I should ask. Use the comments column to post your questions.

The Route

From Hamburg in South Africa to Hamburg in Germany!