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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hussan Kapenga - Dar es Salaam

Hussan is a Scout leader and as I was about to interview him, he was dragged away to attend to an issue in his troop.

Rasta Cafe just before Tanzania border.

This tout at the border post digging for diamonds.

Valley with thousands of boababs.

Elephant on the side of the busy Tanzam highway.

Baboons on the highway.

Landscape changes dramatically from region to region.

Traffic in Dar.

Sunrise at Silver Sands resort in Dar.

Fishing boats off coast at Dar.

Man selling fishtank complete with fish in Dar traffic.

Near the sisal plantations in the north.

View from our room in Tanga near Kenyan border.

Club 15 at Watamu in Kenya.


Alcando said...

Very nice Charl. We are enjoying following your trip. keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

OMG Charl - this is making me want to escape!!!

Digging for diamonds . . . more like "changing gears to think!"