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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Michael Lajabu Kanjira - Senga Bay Malawi

Michael took us out to the island for a fish braai and a snorkel dive to observe the chiclid freshwater fish endemic to the lake. Michael hopes to become a travel agent taking touring groups around Malawi. He lives in a mud brick house which needs constant renovation after the rainy season. His idea of fun is to braai with friends. Wealth is measured by the size of your house. He wants to visit England. The most beautiful thing he has seen is a rhino. He is a soccer fan and supports Man United. His staple food is a meal made from maize called nsima, as well as fish from the lake. He has 2 girls and a boy that are his late sisters children that he is bringing up and hopes the girls become nurses and the boy an IT specialist.

Bridge over a river feeding Lake Malawi

Pictures from a fish market on the side of the Lake

Fried chips Malawi style - oil heated by charcoal!

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Anonymous said...

Did you eat any of the roadside fish and chips??