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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Margaret Kalama - Watamu Kenya

Margaret works as a housekeeper at Club 15. She lives in a wooden and clay house. Wealth is measured by good education. She would like to visit South Africa. She thinks animals are beautiful. She is an Arsenal soccer supporter. Her staple food is Ugali and fish. She would like her daughter to be a nurse.

Andre handing out rulers in Kenya.

Duncan Terer is a game ranger at the Tsavo National Park. Famous for its man eating lions that ate railway workers building the railway line between Mombassa and Nairobi. He would like to meet humans. He lives in a stone house. He would like his son to become a teacher. He would like to visit Brazil. He is a soccer fan and supports Brazil socer team.

Andre and the elephants.

Excited elephants.

Telephone mechanic.

Hydration spoons being handed to Father Agrey at the Catholic mission on the eastern slopes of Kilimanjero.

Hussan Kapenga - Dar es Salaam

Hussan is a Scout leader and as I was about to interview him, he was dragged away to attend to an issue in his troop.

Rasta Cafe just before Tanzania border.

This tout at the border post digging for diamonds.

Valley with thousands of boababs.

Elephant on the side of the busy Tanzam highway.

Baboons on the highway.

Landscape changes dramatically from region to region.

Traffic in Dar.

Sunrise at Silver Sands resort in Dar.

Fishing boats off coast at Dar.

Man selling fishtank complete with fish in Dar traffic.

Near the sisal plantations in the north.

View from our room in Tanga near Kenyan border.

Club 15 at Watamu in Kenya.

Richard Slater and Lauren Davies - Makuzi Bay Malawi

Richard and Lauren live in a brick house with a tin roof. Wealth in their Malawian community is measured by your standing with the chief of the area. Education is also a factor with locals approaching literate people to ask for help with documents. Richard would like to meet George Mallory the famous mountaineer. He follows rugby with the Stormers being his team. He would like his children to do anything that they are passionate about. He would like to leave behind something sustainable and that would further mankind and the environment.

This is Makusi Bay. Fantastic place to relax. I would recommend this spot for a breakaway holiday. The pics tell the story.

Michael with a Bos rooibos tea on Makuzi Beach.

View of Lake Malawi from the highlands before entering Tanzania.

Michael Lajabu Kanjira - Senga Bay Malawi

Michael took us out to the island for a fish braai and a snorkel dive to observe the chiclid freshwater fish endemic to the lake. Michael hopes to become a travel agent taking touring groups around Malawi. He lives in a mud brick house which needs constant renovation after the rainy season. His idea of fun is to braai with friends. Wealth is measured by the size of your house. He wants to visit England. The most beautiful thing he has seen is a rhino. He is a soccer fan and supports Man United. His staple food is a meal made from maize called nsima, as well as fish from the lake. He has 2 girls and a boy that are his late sisters children that he is bringing up and hopes the girls become nurses and the boy an IT specialist.

Bridge over a river feeding Lake Malawi

Pictures from a fish market on the side of the Lake

Fried chips Malawi style - oil heated by charcoal!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bright Chipeka - Mulanje

Bright Chipeka is a security supervisor at the Kara O'Mula Lodge in Mulanje. He would like to meet Nelson Mandela and would like to visit England. The most beautiful thing for him is Malawi. He would like his children to be doctors. He supports Man united. He was gob-smacked when I asked him about his children. He said that in all his time working at the lodge no guest had ever enquired about his children. I told him I would try to help him by finding a benefactor through the Internet. He hopes that someone will be able to assist him with the education of his children. If you are able to assist Bright contact him at

The road to Limbe:

Images from Senga Bay. We are staying at Steps camping ground:

Snorkeled at Bird Island about 1000m off shore:

Fish braai on the island. Lake Tiger:

Heading back to mainland at dusk: