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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paul Saffy - East London

Paul Saffy and myself at the Black Bull.

Paul Saffy was chosen as the first person to be interviewed for a very good reason. This story will have a beginning, here in the south of Africa. It will also have an end north of Arica, in Europe. I needed to interview a person from the north of Africa who now lives in the south.

Paul's ancestors are from Lebanon, not exactly Africa (I don't know any Egyptians in East London), but close enough. Paul's great grandfather left Lebanon to emigrate to Australia but due to problems on board the ship they were dropped off in South Africa. Kalil Zaghi was his name and Zaghi became Saffy. Paul played rugby for Holland, through his mother's links with Holland. (Jarred Saffy who plays for Melbourne Rebels is Paul's cousin).

With Paul's heritage and his links to the Middle East and Africa, he became the first African to sip rooibos from the famous teapot.

1. Person you would like to meet: Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong.
2. Your house is built of: Clay brick tile.
3. Funniest thing ever: Being called a "fat little Mexican" by an irate parent when on a school water polo tour.
4. Achieve in your lifetime: Grow old and see my children reach 50 happily.
5. Wealth in your community is measured by: a house on the river.
6. You want to go to: Crete
7. Most beautiful thing you have seen: Joel Stransky kicking the drop goal to win the World Cup in '95.
8. Does your president shower to prevent AIDS: Apparently.
9. Your main food: Red meat.
10. What do you want your children to be: To reach 50 happily.

Tomorrow we leave East London on the first leg of the journey. Destination: Ladybrand