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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bright Chipeka - Mulanje

Bright Chipeka is a security supervisor at the Kara O'Mula Lodge in Mulanje. He would like to meet Nelson Mandela and would like to visit England. The most beautiful thing for him is Malawi. He would like his children to be doctors. He supports Man united. He was gob-smacked when I asked him about his children. He said that in all his time working at the lodge no guest had ever enquired about his children. I told him I would try to help him by finding a benefactor through the Internet. He hopes that someone will be able to assist him with the education of his children. If you are able to assist Bright contact him at

The road to Limbe:

Images from Senga Bay. We are staying at Steps camping ground:

Snorkeled at Bird Island about 1000m off shore:

Fish braai on the island. Lake Tiger:

Heading back to mainland at dusk:

Non comprehendo English - Zalala

This chap could not speak a word of English and my Portuguese is limited to : " Three beers, thank you."

Starting to get seriously hot the further north we get:

We had prawns and calamari at this restaurant in Quelimane: Tasty but took ages to prepare:

The road between Quelimane and Zalala:

Lunch menu:

Best charcoal in the world, makes serious coals:

Dirt road to Malawi, cutting inland and leaving the coast:

Last town in Moz before crossing to Malawi:

In Malawi:

Fernando Isaiah - -Inhassoro

Fernando taught himself English by working for holiday makers. He wants his children to be teachers and nurses. His house is made from reeds. He would like to meet Nelson Mandela. He would like to visit South Africa. With his English being limited, it was difficult to ask more questions.

Michael with supper - more fish and cray.

Our wine sponsors in Inhassoro:

We had more Bos on the beach in Inhassoro:

Near Gorongosa with Paul, Mark and Denys:

Bridge over Shire River:

Bridge over Zambesi River

Elmerio Divani - Xai Xai

Elmerio is a security guard at the Honey Pot. The most beautiful thing for him is the good life he has. He would like to visit South Africa. He would like to meet a Mr Zaayman from Randfontein. His house is made from reeds. The funniest thing he has seen is kung fu movies. He wants his children to be teachers and nurses. He also thought I was loco acbout the AIDS shower question. (I am going to scrap this question and ask about what team they support)

My order is a bit out of sync. Xai Xai was before Morengosa.

Roger believing Doug, but Rudi not.

Supper with Bos - rooibos tea!

Lunch on the road in a small Mozambique town:

Small village in Moz:

Lots of Chinese driving these logging trucks - we build the road, but for China to take your natural resources. The new style of colonisation. This truck came a cropper:

Joseph Ramaseli - Ladybrand

Joseph is a Sotho fromLadybrand and I chatted to him on an icy morning (-4degrees Celcius)while filling up in Ladybrand. He wants to meet Ronaldinho. A black Porshe is the most beautiful thing he has seen. He wishes to achieve by helping his community fight drugs and crime. He wants his child to be a nurse. He lives in a brick house and thought I was crazy when I asked him about his president showering to prevent AIDS. The funniest thing he has seen is a chicken eating popcorn out of a bag and the bag being stuck on its head.

In Mozambique. Doug near Zavala:

Beach at Morengosa:

Supper at Morengosa:

Paul Brings and Willy Gaus: