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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Joseph Ramaseli - Ladybrand

Joseph is a Sotho fromLadybrand and I chatted to him on an icy morning (-4degrees Celcius)while filling up in Ladybrand. He wants to meet Ronaldinho. A black Porshe is the most beautiful thing he has seen. He wishes to achieve by helping his community fight drugs and crime. He wants his child to be a nurse. He lives in a brick house and thought I was crazy when I asked him about his president showering to prevent AIDS. The funniest thing he has seen is a chicken eating popcorn out of a bag and the bag being stuck on its head.

In Mozambique. Doug near Zavala:

Beach at Morengosa:

Supper at Morengosa:

Paul Brings and Willy Gaus:


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